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Concealers,Types of concealers

Previously we had discussed about the foundations and their types. Foundations are used to give a base of makeup and to even out the skin tone and to cover the flaws of the skin. However, it is not helpful for hiding the more visible problems like scars, pigmentation, blemishers etc. Foundation makes the problems less visible but not completely hide it and when there are scars then it is not that much helpful. To cover up the all visible problems we use concealers. Concealers are the best way to get the completely flawless skin without a layer heavy makeup. A good concealer covers discolorations, light dark areas, covers up the scars and work with foundation to achieve the even skin tone. If the wrong concealers are chosen then the things go terribly wrong. So, one should paid extra attention while choosing the right concealer.

Types of concealers

There are different types of the concealers available in the market with different types of textures, finishes and applications. Some of them are mentioned below.

Liquid concealers

The most of the versatile and easy to apply concealer is the liquid concealer. It offers a buildable coverage for mostly all skin type except for the dry skin. Because of its non- cake up property, it is widely used to cover up the pimples. One more reason that it is used widely is its property regarding the pores of the skin. The liquid concealer has very minimal risk of clogging the skin pores as compared to cream concealers. Its coverage is buildable, ranging light to full and had a dewy, satin, radiant shimmer and matte finishing.

Stick concealers

Stick concealer has a semi solid texture which means that neither liquid nor solid. It also shares a thick and creamy texture which makes it culprit for clogging the skin pores. It is best use for the normal and dry skin but for sensitive skin it should be used more cautiously. The satin and powdery matte finishes are available for stick concealers.

Cream concealers

These types of concealers are best for covering the discolorations of the skin. It is usually packed in a small pot, palette or compact packaging. It is best used for the normal, dry, combination or sensitive skin. Like the stick concealers the cream concealer should be used more cautiously on sensitive skin because it has a property to clog the skin pores.

However, there are more types of the concealers like Light Reflecting Concealers, Opaque Coverage and Color Correcting. To cover the darkness around the eyes the light reflecting concealers are great. Opaque Coverage is just like the stick concealers and for different colors there are color correcting concealers.

How to choose the right concealer for your skin?

We know that a poorly formulated concealer can draw the attention to the problematic area. So the concealers must be decided according to the skin type of a person.

For Dry Skin

If you have a dry skin then don’t ever go for the liquid concealer with matte finish. If you go for a liquid concealer for your dry skin then it will emphasize the dryness of the skin. A part from this, go for the stick concealers.

For Oily Skin

For oily skin don’t use the creamy or stick concealer because these concealers clog the pores of the skin and magnify the pores of the skin and in an added feature these concealers adds oily shine to the skin.

For Normal Skin

For normal skin there is no need to worry much but emphasis should be on the shade and finishes. If you need a matte finish go for the stick concealer.

For Sensitive Skin

This type of the skin is more prone to the allergies and reactions. So, more precautions should be made for choosing the concealers for this type of skin. The most suitable concealers for sensitive skin are cream concealer and stick concealer. However, finishes should be taken into consideration before choosing the concealers.

There are also some precautions to be taken for choosing the concealers. Like For face choose the shade of the concealer which matches the exact shade of the foundation avoid using the pink, rose, peach, white, yellow or copper because they will show through the foundation and create an unnatural appearance.

Now let’s start the experiment to find the best suited textures, finishes and application techniques which suited best to you.

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