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Updated: Nov 17, 2019

The Space Buns are a classic ‘90s hair tutorial and this braided Space Bun tutorial has been highly requested.

I’ve put off recording this video for quite some time now and after filming it I remember why! It’s actually much harder than it seems. The braids aren’t that hard, and the buns are easy but being upside down for that length of time is tough.

Honestly I started to feel light headed after a few different attempts of this braid and almost fainted so if you are doing this style, please take care!

I recommend getting a friend to help or doing it in your friend’s hair instead. This way they could possibly lie down on a bed which would make it easier than being upside down the whole time.

Or if you do want to try this on yourself, see if you can get a spotter just to make sure that you’re picking up even sections and your braids are in line.

So if I haven’t talked you out of trying this ‘90s inspired hairstyle, let’s get to my braided Space Buns tutorial.



Two hair elasticsA comb,And bobby pins


Brush your hair before you begin to remove any knotsCreate a centre part all the way down your hair and separate your hair into two pigtails.Turn upside down and brush one of the pigtails all the way down. Brushing the hair forward towards the ground makes it easier to pick up as you’re braiding.Starting at the nape of your neck pick up a section of hair and split it into three. This is a Dutch braid so we cross the right under the middle then the left under the right and on the third cross pick up some hair to add into the braid.Continue the Dutch braid adding in hair on every side as you go. Try to keep your braid in line with your part and keep it close to your part for a more even style. Once you’ve braided to the top of your head gather any remaining hair and create a ponytail right on top of your head.Give yourself time to stretch before going on to the other side!Now repeat on the other side create a Dutch braid going from the nape of your neck up to the top of head that mirrors the other side.Now you have both ponytails done you can stand up and we’ll finish the buns. Gently back comb the ponytail twist it around loosely and pin it in place with bobby pins.


Don’t rush this style being upside down for that long is hard work. So make sure you take some time out or breathe in between.Hairspray helps to tame any flyaways and to hold the style in place as well. If your hair is fine, use some texturizing spray and back comb a little more before creating the buns to create more of a thicker style.You can also use small donut padding to create a larger bun.

And here’s another photo of my friend Flo. She had a haircut shortly after we filmed and now looks like a completely different dog!

This cute pupper belongs to our friends here in England and if you watch to the end of the video you’ll see some funny bloopers from her.

I’m really keen to see if you try the style in your hair or if you do it in a friend’s hair. Tag me @louis salon on Instagram or send me a photo of the style.

Have fun with your hair!

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