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Facial Scrubber

The most essential part of the skin care is scrubbing. Scrubbing clears the skin by removing the dead skin cell form the layer of the skin. However, if the scrubber is used on regular basis then it will damage the layer of the skin. Well this is all depend on the product that we use for the scrubbing. Most of the scrubbers are abrasive to skin. This makes them not perfect for use on daily basis. Although, it is necessary in skin care because it removes the dead skin cell from the skin and helps the healthy skin to breathe. The scrubber also helps in creating a smooth surface of the skin for applying moisturizer and foundation.

How to find a gentle Scrub?

The scrubber uses the abrasive ingredient for removing the dead skin cell from the upper layer of the skin. Sometime the label of the product does not give the clear picture about the ingredients especially the abrasive ingredient which is used in the scrub. So for a clear there are two methods for judging the gentleness of the scrubber.

First, apply the scrub on the back of the hand if it feel scratchy, then do not use on the face or any of the body parts because this may be damage the layer of the skin.

Secondly, go for your favourite brand or the bestselling product which is well formulated. The benefit of using the bestselling product is that it is well reviewed and tested by the end customer.

Benefits of the scrubber

A part from the downside of the scrub there are several benefits which overcome their downside. Some of them are:

Helps in removing the dead skin

The main purpose of the scrubber is to remove the dead skin cell from the layer of the skin. The dead skin cell makes the skin look dull and tired. So it is necessary to remove them after a defined time interval.

Adds glow to the skin

Scrubbing helps the skin to restore the glow and complexion. The exfoliating material helps in restoring the natural complexion of skin by removing the dead skin cell.

Helps in removing acne scars

The hidden property of facial scrubbers is that it lightens the acne scars on the face. Some time, when the scars are already light then it helps in removing them completely.

Prevents Ingrown hairs

The Scrubbing is used to prevent the ingrown hairs. After waxing, there are some chances that the particular part has developed the problem of the ingrown hair. Scrubbing helps to clear the pores which help the hairs to grown in their normal direction.

Improves the texture of the skin

The texture of the skin is improved when the layer of the dead skin is removed. Not even the texture even the complexion of the skin is improved and the skin attain the natural complexion of the skin.

Helps in increasing the blood flow

Scrubbing helps in increasing the blood flow under the skin. The abrasive ingredients remove the dead skin cells, when we massage the scrubber on the skin which promotes the blood flow under the skin.

Apart from all of the above benefits we did not recommend the use of scrub on daily basis due to the abrasive property of the scrub.

After reading all about the scrubber, the question arise which is much more beneficial, cleanser or scrubber?

The main points which differentiate the scrubber from the cleanser are

· Use: The cleanser is used to remove the oil, dirt and makeup from the skin while the scrubber is used to remove the dead skin cell.

· Frequency: we can use the cleanser on daily basis. While we cannot recommend the daily use of the scrubber because of its abrasive property.

· Ingredient: The cleanser had smooth texture because there is no exfoliating ingredient in it while on the other hand scrubber had an exfoliating ingredient in it.

It is a misconception among the people that all these scrubbing, cleansing, moisturizing steps are only for the women but all of these are also essential for men’s skin. Even scrubbing is needed more for the men’s skin.

Hope that all of this information helps you to choose and pick the best scrub for your skin.

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