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Gender Neutralize Grooming and Makeup

The most ignored community in the past by the makeup industry is the male community. Since the rising of the cosmetic industry, its focus is completely for developing the product for the female gender. Yet the progress is very much but there is a vacuum for the industry which started to fill at the end of 19th century.

Before the 19thcentury it is to be believed that all the cosmetic and grooming essentials are only for the women. Due to this negligence the skin of males suffers a lot and it develops a vacuum for the industry which has to be filled up. The one of the foremost brand which understands this space and started developing the product is Garneir. After that the booming of the product for males started and now there are thousands of the products and brands there in the market for men’s grooming and makeup and a new segment rises i.e. Gender Neutralize Grooming and Makeup. Grooming and skin care started growing rapidly the main segments for this are exfoliants, anti-ageing cream, SPF product, moisturizers etc.

Why we need a different product for the men’s makeup and grooming?

Why we need a different product line or a specialized product line for the men. The answers lies in the statement that all of the persons have different skin type. Now a further question is that there are plenty of product in the market to satisfy this demand then why a different product. The reason is that the toughness of the skin is completely different from the women’s skin. The cream or any other substance used for base for makeup or as a moisturizer are developed by considering the women skin which is somehow hold a lower toughness level as compared to men. So, the complete different range is required by the customer to comply with the toughness of the skin.

Growing trend of Industry

Men’s personal care market is expected to reach about $166 billion till the year 2022. The most of the expected customers are in the age between 18-40 years, which shows interest in gender neutrality beauty product and makeup in NPD’s iGen Beauty Consumer Report. The fastest Growing Market in the word is The Asia Pacific market which shows a tremendous growth in the gender neutrality beauty product. This Asia Pacific Markets believes to be the slowest in comparisonof the European Markets because some of the customs and traditions of the area but as the youngster are taking interest in all these products the graph of the success shoots upward.

Myths and Myths Buster

It seems all goods when we see how profitable is the industry and that they are shooting up the growth chart but we cannot denies that there is much more potential in this market then it seems. So, how get full penetration of this gender neutralize market? First of all we have to clear all the myths related to them, like there are the words going in the market that all these moisturizersanti-ageing creams and different kind of stuff makes you transgender or if you use it you looks like transgender. This is completely a myth, how a makeup and a light touchup decide your sexuality. Even the youngsters had denied that most of the trend setter like the television and cinematic celebrities are taking helpsthese products for showing the masculine characteristics for their role and in their daily meet up and parties.

Lakme saloon, Jawed Habib, Dollyrockers Salon and Boutique in Arizona, Metropolis Salon are some the examples which are taking this gender neutrality makeup in to new heights.

So we conclude that the new Gender Neutralize makeup trends is still building its space and shooting the projectile with full speed. Even the perspective of the society is changing and the youngsters are also aware about their looks by choosing the right product.

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