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Moisturizers reserve a special space in makeup industry. Before the makeup, it is essential to use the moisturizer so that the skin gets hydrated and the dry patches should not to be visible. Some of the makeup product had a dry effect on the skin. So to avoid this, a thin layer of the moisturizer is also essential underneath the makeup.

So there is no need to define further about, how moisturizers are essential for our skin. But there is a question which comes in the mind when we talk about the moisturizers. Is this thing also necessary for oily skin?Aswe know that for a dry skin it is more essential to apply moisturizer before makeup. But for oily skin we had a perception that it did not help or work adversely. But the reality is completely different the moisturizers are equally need for the all type of the skin whether it is dry, oily, normal or sensitive. The reason behind this is the external factors that directly affect the skin. Some of these factors includepollution and UV rays. Even the excessive cleaning can damage the moisture barrier of the skin which in result, the skin produces the excessive oil and the complexion can start looking oiler. For controlling that a thin layer of the moisturizer is needed just after the cleaning and before the foundation.

Can we mix moisturizer with foundation?

Now the question arises, can we mix moisturizer with foundation? The answer is yes, we can mix moisturizer with makeup but if you did not like the lighter foundation coverage then please don’t do that. However, the best use of this mix n match technique looks better during the spring and summer month.

How to choose perfect moisturizer?

We know the use of the moisturizer for dry as well as oily skin. Now there is a question on choosing the moisturizer. Which is the best moisturizer? The answer is hidden into the ingredients, which are used in the moisturizers. The best suited moisturizers include.


For the best result choose the moisturizer which have a rich quantity of Anti-oxidant. The antioxidant plays an important role when wewant to rejuvenate the skin. These antioxidants are more helpful in terms of the dry skin. Due to the external factors like pollutants and UV rays, the skin gets chipped off slowly and results a patchy and dry skin. So to rehydrate and rejuvenate the skin, a stable antioxidant is needed, which helps to shield the skin surface and moisturize them as well.


Today most of the moisturizerscome with SPF in it which helps in defending the damage from the sun’s UV rays. The leading moisturizer brands include the SPF30+ in their formula so that their moisturizer act as a hydrating agent as well as UV rays protector to the skin.

Skin Replenishing Agent

These agents help skin to look and feel soft, smooth and supple by rejuvenating hydration and locking it in there. These are more helpful for the dry skin. Some of the skins replenishing agents are: hyaluronic acid, ceramides, sodium PCA, glycerin, glycerol, silicones, petrolatum, salicylic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids.

How to get maximum benefit from your selected moisturizer

After choosing the right moisturizers, the question arises how to get maximum benefit from your selected moisturizer. Basically it is technique that talks about how to use the moisturizer.


The timing is everything. The best timing for applying the moisturizer, to get maximum benefit, is to apply them just after cleansing or washing the face. However, it should be noted that the skin should not be too wet because if the skin is too wet the lotion will slide off the skin and did not give you the desired result.

Personal Measuring

There is not a standard measure of the moisturizer which is applied to the skin. It is depend on the person’s skin to get the right quantity of the moisturizer for their skin. As a normal hit n trial method if there is any surplus amount of the moisturizer after rubbing it on the skin then the excessive amount is pour out from the packing. On the other hand, if you need to pour out the lotion multiple times for spreading the skin then you needs to use it more.

Apply in upward stroke

Professionals and artists suggest that always apply the moisturizer in an upward motion. Due to the ageing, skin develops the sagging and wrinkles effect and to combat this, a gentle message is required with moisturizer. However, it does not reverser the ageing effect but helps in tightening the skin and covering up the fine lines on the skin.

At last, we have to say that moisturizers are the rejuvenating agent not only for the dry skin but for all the skin type and for applying makeup it must be applied to lock the moisture of the skin and to defend the skin from the adverse effect of the external elements.

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