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Printed Makeup Trend 21st Nov. 2019

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

We all know that cosmetic industry comprises of different aspects like make up, cleanser, toners etc. In today’s blog we are discussing about the makeup part or specially a printed make up part. In past, makeup was took into consideration when someone had to be a part of someone’s memory but when the paradigm shifted and all this comes into the routine part of a person’s lifestyle then it is essential for the manufacturers that they changes their process from chemical to some of the natural ingredient part. Which is also observe by their customers and societies. Although there are CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) which are binding them for the society, but the product is directly related to the end customer and directly consumed by the customer for their beauty enhancement. So the responsibility is increased on to the shoulder of the cosmetic companies for the same.

Now, when all the research and development is done form all the aspects whether it from the consumers consumption and demand, CSR or from their profit earning part. What we get is the new trend i.e. green product or using less chemical based product. After getting all the details about the companies and their customers, what are the main innovation that directs the future of the cosmetic industry? First one is the green initiative which we had already discussed above the second part is the customization, sounds odd, yeah a little bit because the word used “customization” mainly a block of an automobile industry perhaps we had also used it in this industry.

When we looked back at 18th and 19th century the budding part of the cosmetic industry then we droned yourself into the marine trench of the policy of the makers “one product for all” or one product for all skin types. Today if some company tells us the same then it is like a suicidal policy for them. Although there are some of the product which complies with all the skin type but when we shifted to the true beauty enhancement with the help of the product then surely and confirmly we have to shifted to the customized product according to the skin type i.e. normal, dry, oily and combination.

Now we are getting back to our topic which we had to discuss “Printed Makeup”. This sounds a little bit interesting and confusing, huh?Well we have to clear that it is not like a makeup is printed to your face through any of the instrument. Well this concept is

based on the topic which we had discussed above “customization”. Now the question arise how you can relate these aspect i.e. customization, printing and makeup. We are clear about the concept that Customization is surely and properly related to Makeup. So, how it helps in budding about the concept printed makeup. It all started with the diversity of the shades for the makeup product and every person has a different outlook and its own choice of shades and as per the todays trend we are going through there is no need of fixed shade and even hit and trial method is not useful. So, what we bring and gives ourself a booster dose of the technology is the printed makeup. Now how it is work for the customers, all you need is a printer known as 3D printer for makeup and your smiling snap because a natural makeup is the smile without which all the other makeup is nothing but a word withoutcolor. This 3D printer is so futuristic that no one is getting to believe like “back to the Future”.

So this thing helps to create your own palette of color. Here are the details how things work for you. The printer consist both Ink and makeup. The makeup sheets used to print your desired shade whether it is in matt or shimmer there are different sheets for them and within 15 sec you get your desired shade printed on the sheets. One of the major drawback for the same is that the printed sheets did not last forever it will be get faded within a week if did not protected with a plastic film. When it is protected in plastic film then the life goes to 2 weeks. But need not to be worry; you can buy spare sheets from the manufacturers. The main concept which will boost up by this is the idea of freedom which will not to be ever think in the past about the color palette. Right Now, It is in beta stage but the result is overwhelming. Even the printers are already hit the market but it limited to the American market. Hope that the mass production starts soon and will be available in the other markets.

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